Monday, February 20, 2012

Adik Faris

Hati mana yang tidak remuk...hati mana yang tidak hancur..mak ayah mana yang kebal...kalau anak nya dalam keadaan begini. Kepada En Shamrulismawi dan isteri...besar sungguh dugaan Tuhan kepada anda berdua...tiada perkataan yang dapat menggambar kan keadaan En Sham dan isteri.

Hanya doa dan harapan yang dapat diberi kan...semoga Faris dipercepatkan dan di permudah kan recovery. Saya pasti sudah ratusan insan yang mendoakan supaya Tuhan mempermudah kan recovery Faris.

Berat mata memandang...sayu mata melihat...Semoga terus tabah...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Lama sungguh tidak menulis,sedikit kesibukan hal2 dunia.Kejar dunia untuk akhirat.Nampak nya Malaysia sudah mau menjadi seperti Indonesia...membawa perlembagaan ke jalanan...street justice. Namun siapakah yang menjadi dalang Bersih ini dan untuk apa kah tujuan nya...? Pengundi 'hantu'...membetulkan SPR...? Ketidak puasan hati kepada kerajaan...?

Namun rata2 kalau kita tgk majoriti video dan gambar,majoriti golongan yang hadir pada Bersih ini adalah bumiputera,tidak dinafikan ada juga kaum2 lain yang hadir namun bilangnya tidak sehebat bumiputera ini. Apa sudah jadi...? Siapa yang anjur kan Bersih dan siapa yang merasa air kimia polis...?

No seriously...what do the 'people' accomplished through Bersih this time...? Can anybody list it down for me...? Ada yang meninggal...siap ada video menunjukkan 'police brutality' kerana membiarkan Hamba Allah itu meniggal tanpa sebarang pertolongan...yeap it's not right...the police should give any help that they can...BUT, let say one of the officer come to help,and the 'victim' still passed away...what will the judgement be...? Intentionally killing the guy... incompetence..delaying the helping process...? and so on so forth..

Basically..if u know u're aged and ur health is not as prime as before...u know that u're going to an illegal rally with thousand of people...and anything can happen,on top of that the authority had been warning the public for days...and u still one cannot put the blame on one party only...

Why cant u organize a more 'peaceful rally'...make sure only genuine people that attending.... register and tag trouble makers and no provocateurs...when it's an open invitation...all sort of scumbags and paid trouble makers will be there. Now in some part of the planet,Malaysia is not consider as one of the safest place to be visited. Congratulation BERSIH-ans...u deserve our gratitude for ur sacrifices.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Define professionally and personally...? Professionally Sam don't agree with Dean about certain issues and Sam claims 'professionally...friendship aside..bla bla bla'. But somehow Sam took it personally. claim profesionally...but is it very professional if one keep blabbering the closed issue to any Tom Dick and Harry that he met...?

Come on...walk the talk...if we keep pointing fingers to others and constantly looking for mistakes in others...eventually IT will come and bite you in the ass...hard and rough...

This is about place where we here you're not a datuk you are standing same level with all of us...just one of the neighbour...regardless how much money you have in the powerful you are in your workplace..

Sometime we all have to lower our ego once a while in order to 'maintain' the peace..don't expect other people 'bow' to us in regular basis. No harm in saying I'm sorry or I've said things that I don't mean or anything close to I'm sorry. Of course as human we all make mistake...but failing to recognise between FOES and FRIENDS could be fatal...or irrepairable if no action taken...soon..

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Brp tiket utk tengok F1 racing...? Agak2 kalau depa nih takder kt litar,tiket boleh murah tak...?

So tak heran la yea ramai yang minat nak pegi tengok racing secara 'live' sedang kan boleh layan kt rumah...tgk Astro HD....sambil2 duk kt rumah sendiri half naked with drinks and chips at ur side...
Tak ketinggalan juga kaki2 foto..amatur..semi amatur...semi pro..menunjukkan kehebatan 'zoom' masing2. Kelip kan mata tuh bro...litar tu panas terik...

Honda anyone...? Kalau mcm ni la surveyor kt litar..mau nya ada orang yang tolong dia buat kan survey....

Marilah sama2 kita menyokong program yang 'world class'yang di adakan di Boleh-land.

FB lagiii.....

Saya sayang suami saya...saya sayang isteri saya...saya sayang anak saya...saya sayang awak...u are my life...thank you for being an angel in my life...without you living is taste less...and so on...

What is it with some people nowadays and 'declaring' about their passion to their spouse thru online that can be read by public....on top of that posting pictures a husband is kissing his wife...or other people's wife for that matter.

No..I mean do we need really really need to announce to the world about that..? If u're really really want to be romantic or modern day Don Juan...that is between you and ur need to put on 'news'...

Banyak di perkatakan dewasa ini masalah2 yang timbul akibat facebook... murders ... rapes... extortion....con...provocation...insulting other people or religion or race...and the list goes on. But there are some people who do good with this social network groups...opinions...or even surveying the market.

100 milion ringgit of loss calculated last year alone due to social networking scam...including messanger...and others. How desperate are our 'country-men' and ├žountry-women'....? So easy being deceived by these blacks and 'negros' and other scumbags that come to Malaysia lookin for easy money and free 'hole'...

Television is like networking more like drugs. Use it exccesively it'will become harmful...while cigarette will take longer...maybe 15 or 20 years down the road.


Situation 1.

Caller : Selamat lengah-hari en Alis

Saya : Hello,sape nih?

Caller : Saya dr astlo,ini kami mau update incik punya akaun.

Saya : Ok...update la

Caller : Brp incik punya smart card no?


Caller : Incik,kami mau tau incik ini orang betul atau tidak

Saya : Kau yang call aku lepas tuh kau pulak nak tahu aku nih orang betul atau tiruan,bagi sini no opis Astro kau,aku nak call balikk..!!

Talian diputuskan...............

Situation 2.

Caller : Selamat pagi puan,cik...Encik Aris

Saya : Pagi,sape nih..?

Caller : Saya dari Amanah Credit,kami ada menyediakan balance transfer utk credit card encik.

Saya : OK...

Caller : Boleh encik bagi no kredit kad yang banyak encik gunakan...?

Saya : You nih dari bank mana...? Nak transfer balance dari kad saya ke kad mana satu...?

Caller : Encik ada guna kad dari bank mana...?

Saya : You tell me, since u the one who call me and offer the service to transfer my balance...

Caller : Kami adalah syarikat kewangan yang berlesen dimana kami boleh transfer kan balance kad kredit encik dari mana2 kad kredit encik ke kad kredit lain yg encik miliki. Brp outstanding balance encik...?

Saya : RM35,000

Caller : Kredit kad bank apa yea encik...?

Saya : Kwong Yik bank, dan saya nak transfer kan ke kad kredit Southern Bank.

Caller : Boleh encik bagi no kredit kad kedua2 kad tadi untuk kami buat pemindahan..?

Saya : Lain kali kalau dah BODOH...!! Jangan la nak menipu orang...Mak bapak kau boleh la kau TIPU..!!!

Saya letakkan telefon..............

Adoii...penipuan di zaman moden...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How true..?

Bukan penulisan sendiri, hanya mengetengah kan shj.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

Then and Now - Life Gets Harder in Malaysia
Kenny Gan, Malaysia Chronicle

I started working as a young graduate electrical engineer in 1983 in an engineering firm in Kuala Lumpur. My starting salary was RM1200 which was pretty typical in those days. This may not seem much now but mixed rice was less than RM2.00 with Chinese tea and petrol was RM1.00 a litre. After 6 months and an increment under my belt I plonked down for set of wheels; a cute little Toyota Corolla which I paid off in 3 years.

Two years later I put down the deposit for a double storey terrace house in a thriving suburb near the capital.Fast forward to the present and it would be very hard for any graduate to follow my act without substantial help from their parents. No, I wasn’t from the privileged class and I didn’t get a leg-up from my parents, save for the education they gave me.

Present day graduates start their working life at RM1800 to RM2000 a month, not a lot of difference from 25 years ago but prices of everything have tripled and quadrupled. A hawker meal now cost RM5 (drinks extra), prices of cars and houses have grossly outpaced income and there are new expenses like toll, hand phones, ASTRO and internet. Our ringgit has depreciated against foreign currencies making consumer goods and overseas travel more expensive.

To put it simply, real income has declined.Today we find that graduates have to ride motorbikes if their parents do not help them buy a car. A car loan has to be stretched to 8 or 9 years just for a basic family car. The middle class is burdened by high car loans which they have little choice due to the stunted public transport.

We find couples who are both working graduates lamenting that they cannot find any house within their means. Many of them have to get help from their parents to pay the house deposit. Unfortunately they will have nothing to give a helping hand to their children in future. At the lower end of the labour market things are no better. From 1985 to 1995 salaries for factory workers, manual workers, office staff and the like increased by about 50% but they have stagnated for the past 15 years.

Today our factories are filled with foreign workers because local workers are unable to survive on wages of RM700 a month which will be wiped out by transport and rental alone. Are they expected to spend all their free time working overtime just to earn enough to eat?
Employers decry that locals are not interested but our workers are expected to survive on wages which were marginal even 15 years ago even though prices of goods and services have more than doubled since.

We should note that if the salaries of the lower level cannot go up neither can the salaries of the upper level so the masses of foreign are also keeping the salaries of professionals depressed. Going backwards There are few countries where life gets harder as the years pass but Malaysia is one of them. In a healthy country it is more usual for the standard of living to improve from generation to generation. In Australia graduates are buying houses earlier then before despite the rise in prices and they holiday overseas before they graduate.

Even traditional basket cases like the Philippines stay the same if they do not improve. A declining standard of living is the usual province of failed states like Zimbabwe, Congo and Myanmar. Compared to countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea which were on the same footing as us in the 1970s, Malaysia’s economic progress has been dismal. Today they have left us far behind despite lacking our advantage of rich natural resources. Singapore is now a first world country with per capita income of 5 times ours, Hong Kong is 4 times and Taiwan and S. Korea about 2.5 times.

The value of our ringgit has depreciated from RM2.00 to USD1.00 in the early 1980s to RM3.20 today while their currencies have appreciated substantially.Malaysia’s economy has indeed been growing at 6%-8% a year for most of the past two decades. But GDP growth figures do not translate into general economic wellbeing as the disparity in income between the haves and the have-nots has moved steadily wider. According to the Gini coefficient which measures the inequality of income distribution, Malaysia has the worst income disparity in Asia.

Wealth is being created but they mostly end up in the hands of the politico-business elite while corruption robs the poor and middle class to give to the rich.
What went wrong with Malaysia? Authoritarian governments like Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea can still generate economic progress and uplift the standard of living of their citizens so what went wrong with Malaysia? Do they have something we lack or is it due to something we have that burdened us?

If there is any one reason which is the mother of all reasons for Malaysia’s lacklustre performance it is racial policies which has replaced meritocracy, encouraged rent seeking practices, resulted in economic inefficiency and distortion, pulled down education standards, caused a brain drain and become a vehicle for wastage and massive corruption. They are also responsible for dampening the human spirit required to drive the economy forward. The role of corruption in regressing living standards cannot be understated.

Corruption is basically a re-distribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich. The plunder of public funds eventually means higher direct and indirect taxes like GST and higher charges for public services. Unfair negotiated sweetheart deals between the government and cronies such toll concessionaires, IPPs and water supply are passed to the man in the street to foot the bill by paying higher tariffs. Protectionism for an ill-advised car industry has saddled the middle class with paying high prices for shoddily built cars while favoured cronies laugh all the way to the bank.
Consumers have to grapple with external inflationary pressure from world commodities and internally generated inflation to feed cronies. Where to, Malaysia? Najib’s NEM (New Economic Model) contain lofty aims to lift Malaysia to a high income country but it does not address the structural problem of efficiency sapping racial policies, endemic corruption low education standard and dependency on foreign workers. Oppression of democratic rights and subjugating the independence of law enforcement institutions like the judiciary, police and MACC also keep investors away.

Without the political will to institute real reforms whatever snazzy economic plan rolled out will become an extension of the NEP and fail.As real income continue to decline in the face of stagnated wages and increasing inflation the standard of living will keep going down. What happens next is predictable. If our graduates cannot make a decent living here they will go overseas to look for work. Following their heels will be masses of Malaysians looking for work as maids, waiters and unskilled labourers.

We will become a maid and labour exporting country like Philippines and Indonesia.As long as BN continues to rule there will be no meaningful reforms to uplift the economy and living standards of the common people. What the country needs is a new government which can discard the racial baggage of the past to drive Malaysia forwards. The alternative is a maid exporting country and by 2020 instead of a high income country.